Android OS 2.2 ported to CDMA HTC Hero (TEST)

After the release of yesterdays FRF72 update for the nexus one, one xda member was able to get a rom based off of froyo, ported to the cdma Htc Hero.

What works:

  • Data
  • Calls (can’t speak to the other person)
  • New Launcher2
  • 2.2 Google Apps (haven’t tested them all)
  • Keypad/Trackball leds

Not working:

  • Audio/Mic
  • GPS
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Maps force closes
  • Flash Player 10.1 from the market will crash the browser.

So, if you have a CDMA HTC Hero and have not been using it and/or would like to give this ROM a try here is the link to download the ROM and give the developer feedback.


About ajnav

HTC Hero Owner Android Dev XDA Member Music Enthusiast Sound Engineer Creative Artist Blogger Musician
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2 Responses to Android OS 2.2 ported to CDMA HTC Hero (TEST)

  1. jozef says:

    my htc hero dosent power on after that i flash it . what can i do?

    • ajnav says:

      Did you wipe everything first, you need to wipe you sdcard and Dalvik if you have one, I wouldn’t flash this though anymore there is a working one up on xda with a bit more feats, just no camera

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