Froyo Source Code Released Today!

As of today, Google released a full bullet proof version of the 2.2 rom (aka Froyo) to developers of the masses. So what this means is now all devices capable are able to update to the 2.2 release without having to worry about any beta issues. Also! devs such as cyanogen and darchstar, are working as we speak to bring the rom to HTC HERO users. That’s right, the time has finally come for the originator of htc sense to have its shining moment. The great thing is, unlike apple, htc users aren’t left behind and are able to function with great abilities. As a current htc hero owner, I will be keeping up to date with the rom release 24/7 and provide a link download on my blog as soon as it becomes available. A Special thanks to all the devs who work hard to make this possible, your work is of great value!


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