Froyo onto the Hero

In todays prime aspect, I’m going to share with you how to succesfully run 2.2 (aka Froyo) onto your Htc Hero200 device. NOTE* Please have root access before beginning this procedure First off download this…-Darchstar.img

Once downloaded, place the file onto the root of the sdcard then you and flash your device. Once this is done you will no longer have a recovery screen and you will need to flash a new one.

Then download, wipe your device and and flash this and also this

no camera
no gps
wifi has to be fixed with the wlan.ko from freshtoast
here is the wlan.ko
copy to the tools folder of adb and
adb push wlan.ko system/lib/modules
reboot and wifi works

Congrats you now have 2.2 running on your device! Now go show off! 🙂


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