WordPress 3.0 Announced today!

The big moment we all have been waiting for, WordPress 3.0 has just arrived on the scene — the thirteenth major release of the popular blogging software. It’s the result of six months of work from a total of 218 different contributors. So whats new in 3.0 ? First off is the new Twenty Ten theme that shows off many of the release’s major new features. The features include custom backgrounds, headers, shortlinks, menus, post types, and taxonomies. 3.0 has been code name “Thelonius” after the famous jazz musician. Thelonius features a lighter interface, contextual help options, boatload of bug fixes, bulk updates and much more.

So go on….download it now!

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Google working to Inhance Android UI

According to TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, Google’s Android team is currently burning the midnight oil working on a UI refresh for it’s ever popular smartphone OS. People familiar with the matter claim that the goal of the refresh is to provide a better user experience which would in turn discourage companies like HTC and Motorola from creating custom UI overlays such as Sense and MOTOBLUR. Despite the popularity of some skins — HTC’s Sense in particular — they can be quite the headache for both Google and users as their being loaded onto a handset is a surefire way to cause temporary fragmentation as the skin has to be reworked for each subsequent OS release. So what does this mean? As Goolge advances it seems that it’s Android team will no longer stand back and watch as Iphone devs tally up the market.

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How to root the nexus one

After the first few days of using the Nexus One, I had the itch to look for HTC Sense’s ROM for it.
That’s because there is a few features that I love with the Sense that wasn’t packaged to the stock ROM, particularly the calendar and shortcut in searching for contacts to dial or send message to.

Anyway, I decided to stay with the stock ROM for a while to familiarize myself to it, hoping I could get a better comparison of it with other ROMs in the future.

So after a two weeks of having the stock ROM, I decided it’s time to move on. :-)

The first thing to load a custom ROM, like what I had done and shown for HTC Hero, Loading a custom ROM to Android phone, is to ‘ROOT’ the phone.

All the steps are done by following the guide from http://theunlockr.com.

This post does not mean to replace the guide from theunlockr so please use the following along with theunlockr’s guide.

1) Download Superboot, there’s a few version, so check your phone version from the About menu first and download the correct one. I downloaded ERE27 without himem enabled.

2) Unzip it to C:\superboot and run those commands according to guide. Well I had the USB driver for Nexus One installed prior to this, if you have not done so, maybe this post would help.

Above is the bootloader screen which you should see when powering up the phone while holding the trackball button.

With the phone connected to USB, running the command above and getting your phone serial displayed indicate a successful connection.

The screen below will prompt you that the rooting or unlocking the bootloader will void your warranty.
So at this point you should really consider if you want to do this, or I guess you should have decided before taking this path?! ;-)

Rooting is as easy as running just three commands and once the phone restart, you should see a difference on the load screen with an additional lock (that is unlocked) image.

This rooting on Nexus One was done on my Windows computer, for a guide on Linux where drivers are needed, check out this post by Bernie.

Now, what’s next after Rooting? Your phone data has been erased (photos and files are still intact, don’t worry).
You can either restart using your phone afresh with the stock/original ROM, or load a custom ROM into it.

Since you have rooted it, might as well load a custom ROM?

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Wanna Learn To Dev For Android ?

Check this link out, Free classes on dev for android phones http://creativelive.com/courses/android2/

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Four ways Android can put a dent in Iphone

It looks like there will be 115 Google (GOOG) Android phones on the market by the end of 2010 along with 50 non-phone Android devices. Many are touting recent market share gains as a victory for Android legitimacy in the smartphone market. ComScore reported that Android’s share of the US smartphone market jumped to 9% in February. Can Google put a dent in iPhone’s 67% mobile Web browsing market share?

The Android Market launched four months after Apple’s (AAPL) App Store and has grown to provide 40,000 applications available for download (we haven’t heard any numbers specifying how many of these apps have actually been downloaded, hopefully we’ll hear something in the Google earnings call). Meanwhile Apple’s App Store has grown to provide over 185,000 applications with 4 billion downloads so far. As the 165 device Android army battles against the 3 device Apple empire (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) the question on investors minds is who will eventually triumph? Will Android follow in the market share footsteps of the open Microsoft (MSFT) OS of the PC era? Or will Apple’s closed mobile ecosystem garner iPodesque market dominance? These are important questions to consider.

Future Android success is dependent on the following four factors:

1-Apple to remain exclusive with AT&T (T). What would Android market share numbers look like if the iPhone was available at Verizon (VZ), Sprint (S), and T-Mobile? It can be argued that Apple’s decision to remain exclusive is the only thing keeping Android alive. The longer Apple drags their feet on a move to Verizon, the more entrenched Android will become. A large number of people refuse to join AT&T and are willing to use the next best smartphone alternative.

2-Google needs users to purchase apps from the Android store. This library of apps is what will create brand loyalty as consumers choose whether or not to remain with their Android device. Without loyalty, consumers will be quick to jump ship.

3-The 165 Android mobile devices need to generate enough revenue for the manufacturers to continue. The fragmented Android ecosystem is a terrible business model. Those 165 devices have to share the 9% piece of market share pie. Google is going to have to work hard to convince these partners to remain as nothing more than manufacturers caught up in a price war where their phones are nothing more than a commodity. In the Android ecosystem the opportunity of producing a one hit wonder does exist but it is likely to be short lived until the next Android offering comes along.

4-Google is going to need to figure out how developers can easily format their applications for the 165 devices that vary is size, shape, and function. Some are touchscreen. Others use a keyboard. Consumers will demand that the user experience be seamless.

The longer Apple stays away from Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile the better off Google will be. The longer Apple keeps Google as the default search in Apple World the better off Google will be.

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Do you use Seesmic ? Want to play a big role in its development ?

As we all know,  Seesmic is one of the great twitter applications that is available on android phones. Some twitter apps only allow photos or videos to be uploaded. Seesmic on the other hand, allows the user to have complete control of the entire application. Users can upload links, geo catches,  photos, tweets and videos, and the best part…it’s FREE!

I honestly like Seesmic and it appears that the app loves us all back as well.  Unlike most dev. companys, the devs of Seesmic are offering their sdk for developers to get their hands on. Also they are offering a desktop application of Seesmic, so you can install on your pc as well as your mac 🙂

get it all here… #mce_temp_url#

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This weeks best android apps :)

Starting from that famous app Engadget has released, here is a short list of this weeks top apps


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