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Froyo onto the Hero

In todays prime aspect, I’m going to share with you how to succesfully run 2.2 (aka Froyo) onto your Htc Hero200 device. NOTE* Please have root access before beginning this procedure First off download this…-Darchstar.img

Once downloaded, place the file onto the root of the sdcard then you and flash your device. Once this is done you will no longer have a recovery screen and you will need to flash a new one.

Then download, wipe your device and and flash this and also this

no camera
no gps
wifi has to be fixed with the wlan.ko from freshtoast
here is the wlan.ko
copy to the tools folder of adb and
adb push wlan.ko system/lib/modules
reboot and wifi works

Congrats you now have 2.2 running on your device! Now go show off! 🙂

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Froyo Source Code Released Today!

As of today, Google released a full bullet proof version of the 2.2 rom (aka Froyo) to developers of the masses. So what this means is now all devices capable are able to update to the 2.2 release without having to worry about any beta issues. Also! devs such as cyanogen and darchstar, are working as we speak to bring the rom to HTC HERO users. That’s right, the time has finally come for the originator of htc sense to have its shining moment. The great thing is, unlike apple, htc users aren’t left behind and are able to function with great abilities. As a current htc hero owner, I will be keeping up to date with the rom release 24/7 and provide a link download on my blog as soon as it becomes available. A Special thanks to all the devs who work hard to make this possible, your work is of great value!

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Android OS 2.2 ported to CDMA HTC Hero (TEST)

After the release of yesterdays FRF72 update for the nexus one, one xda member was able to get a rom based off of froyo, ported to the cdma Htc Hero.

What works:

  • Data
  • Calls (can’t speak to the other person)
  • New Launcher2
  • 2.2 Google Apps (haven’t tested them all)
  • Keypad/Trackball leds

Not working:

  • Audio/Mic
  • GPS
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Maps force closes
  • Flash Player 10.1 from the market will crash the browser.

So, if you have a CDMA HTC Hero and have not been using it and/or would like to give this ROM a try here is the link to download the ROM and give the developer feedback.

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Updated Android 2.2 Froyo FRF72 Leaks For Nexus One

Today an updated version of Android 2.2 Froyo for the Google Nexus One has arised, the FRF72 build, seemingly another beta version of the more widely available FRF50 build.  Shared by a source at xda-developers, the new ROM requires FRF50 to be installed first. So if your feeling experimental and want to give this a shot, you can get the latest download here and the installing guide here

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Google Releases Command Line Tool For YouTube, Calendar, Docs And More

Google has launched a simple but very useful app for computer nerds everywhere: GoogleCL, a command-line tool that allows users to do everything from upload folders to Picasa to adding appointments to a Google Calendar. Google CL is a Python application that makes Google Data API calls through the command line. A command-line interface (CLI) is an interface where the user can tell the computer to perform specific tasks by typing commands. You’ve probably seen them before, most likely via the MS-DOS command-line interface. The CLI is in contrast to the mouse-based interface that we all use today, known as the graphical user interface (GUI).

Googlers from the Street View team created the application for their own use, but have now turned GoogleCL over to the general public. It accepts commands to Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Contacts, Picasa, YouTube, and Blogger. Here’s an example command: Google has provide a list of sample scripts to get started, but we bet that page will expand with more commands and more supported Google services over time. It’s a great combination of the command line and the cloud. If you want to get started, you can download GoogleCL and the necessary Python library client here and here.

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Get Flash 10.1 Without Froyo

One of the members at xda-developers has managed to compile an APK for Android 2.0 and 2.1, giving users full Flash support on their device! Achieved by using a plugin on Android 2.x currently used to enable Flash Lite, the APK that’s been created will remove the Lite version of Flash, replacing it with the full version used on Android 2.2.  A post at Android Central has shown Flash Player 10.1 up and running on the EVO 4G and Sprint Hero, meaning that any other device running Android 2.x could potentially have full Flash support too.

Download it the flash apk here and leave comments letting me know what you think :)!

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